Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Because the name of my blog is "pineapple", I prepared the recipe for:

Succulent chicken breast fried with sweet pineapple and seasoned with curry, honey and a hint of ginger.
500 g chicken breast
6 slices of fresh pineapple
1 average onion
150 ml pineapple juice
100 ml of cream 18%
4 teaspoons of curry powder
2 teaspoons of grated ginger (or 2/3 teaspoon of ginger powder)
2 tablespoons of honey
Salt, freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Wash and drain the chicken breast.  Cut it to thin strips, roughly equal in size. Put the meat in a bowl, Sprinkle 3 teaspoons of curry spice so that it covers every piece of meat. Leave it  in a cool place for at least 30 minutes.
In a frying pan, heat the oil and fry diced onion. When it begins to glaze, add the meat and fry until it blushes. Then add ginger, honey, garlic and sliced pineapple and pineapple juice. Fry it together until the juice partially evaporates.
When the sauce is partially reduced, add cream, season with salt, pepper and curry. If the sauce is too sparse, leave the pan for a while on the fire to make the sauce evaporate. It can also be  thickened with a teaspoon of potato flour (previously distributed in a small amount of cold water).

Serve with rice

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cocktails - a dose of energy, health and beauty!
Cocktails are a healthy variation of your daily diet and a great way to look good.

Cocktails - milky, green, protein
Although the most popular are milkshakes, based on milk, buttermilk, yogurt or kefir, cocktails can also be made with water. Fruit and vegetable cocktails are also enriched with spices, herbs, cereals and bran or white cheese - not only to give them a special taste, but also to make them a source of important substances.

Cocktails - for health and beauty
Cocktails successfully replace dietary supplements, usually eaten in the form of tablets. Compared to supplements, drinking cocktails is a cheaper solution, more pleasant and certainly more beneficial for the body. Cocktails are good for both health and beauty, which is mostly in the form of beautiful complexion.

Here are some examples:

Milk cocktail with berries
Ingredients: buttermilk, berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or cranberries), sugar or honey and eventually cereal bran.

Refreshing cocktail
Kephir, tangerine, lemon juice, sugar or honey

Green cocktail
Ingredients: yoghurt, frozen spinach, banana, kiwi, bran, honey and a bit of cardamom

bon appétit :)

Friday, May 5, 2017

                                        The advantages of using public transportation

Using urban public transport brings many benefits which are associated with environment, money and social issues. First of all, mass transit significantly reduces pollution and improves the state of the environment.  It is well known that cars emit a large amount of carbon dioxide. The more vehicles on the road, the more our environment is polluted. Therefore, it is worth using a tram or metro because it do not emit CO2 at all. Next, driving by public transport is cheaper than daily use of our own car. Car maintenance requires a lot of financial investments connected with fuel, repairs and charges. So, thanks to city transport we can save money. Finally, using public transportation is safer than using cars. In car accidents people die every day because drivers drive too fast. Furthermore, travel by urban transport is less stressful considering the fact that passengers don’t have to lose time looking for a car park or standing in traffic jams. In other words, mass transit permits saving cash, environment and time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today I am posting another part of my blog entry about zodiac signs :)

People from this zodiac sign have a romantic soul and artistic talents. They are interested in art, politics and law, they are extremely creative. Everything around them must be friendly and aesthetic. They make decisions slowly and carefully, always aptly.


They are revolutionaries and reformers. They love to overcome adversity. They are extremely ambitious, cunning and persistent, they often impose their will on others and use their advantage. Scorpions are independent and determined.


People born in this time are characterized by fiery temperament, enthusiasm and love of adventures. They are energetic optimists; they do not take life too seriously. They are cheerful and full of hope for the better. He can easily establish relations with other people and he easily gains the sympathy of the environment.


They belong to the most consistent and organized people. They will never be late. They are demanding and extremely critical. Also for themselves. Born in this sign is a modest and unobtrusive person. He is characterized by responsibility, perseverance and patience.


They like to shock and provoke. They are impartial and have a strong sense of justice. They defend the weaker and rebel against human mischief and misery.  They treat the whole world as their family. They are active and energetic people. They are interested in everything and want to try everything in their life


They are timid, secretive and they often escape into the world of illusion and dreams. They have unlimited imagination, they are extremely creative and versatile talented. People born under the Pisces sign are known for their sense of beauty and artistic sensitivity. They are characterized by personal charm;  they rarely have enemies.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Have you ever wondered whether the characteristics of our zodiac sign correspond to the character traits?


They are very confident, brave, ambitious and independent and it gives them many successes. They are also angry, quarrelsome and aggressive. Failures bring them to the rage, which fortunately passes quickly. They don't hold grudges, they can’t be angry for long time. They are willing to help but not always to cooperate. They prefer to work on their own.


People born under this sign are sensible, practical. They are characterized by diligence, patience and responsibility. When they undertake a task, they never withdraw from it. They work slowly but methodically. They do not like distracting their valuable energy.


Persons under this sign love to gossip. They are also known for the attention divisibility, which makes it easy to do many things at once. They get bored quickly. Study doesn’t make them difficult, but they can have problems at school because of forgetfulness. They have a talent for foreign languages, to write, they also deal well with technical activities. Gemini are known for their craft.


People born at this time are generally shy, delicate and sensitive. They like coziness. The greatest advantage of their mind is their excellent memory. Cancer is attached to tradition, has a conservative look at the world. He does not find himself in new, unknown situations. These people choose what they already know.


Brave and self-confident people. If they want something they will win it. Ambition, perseverance and strong will helps them. They do not like rivalry. Their success  is primarily due to the optimistic and enthusiastic disposition. Their straightforwardness and sincerity are equally valuable features of their character. Lions can’t stand the cheating and the cynicism.


Practical and personally-handled persons. In addition, self-sufficient and resourceful. They know almost everything. And if they can't do something, they will learn very quickly. They never wait with folded hands, they always have to be busy, because without the occupation they start to criticize everything. They are masters of pessimism.

In the next blog entry I will write about the rest of the zodiac signs.Take care!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homemade face masks will help you in caring for your complexion, and don't require huge financial outlay. The ingredients needed to make an effective mask (and many other beauty treatments) will be found in your own kitchen or grocery store.
Herbs, kefir, oatmeal - aren't only a healthy snack or an addition to food, but they have a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin or the hair. Every grandmother will confirm this. Before we burn our face in the summer sun, it is worth it once a week, to take care of smooth skin. Here are some old, simple and proven recipes for healthy and smooth face skin.

1. Cleansing apple mask
large, sour apple grate and mix with a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of cottage cheese. After 15 min. wash your face with lukewarm water or tonic.

2. Mask of oat flakes (smoothing)
3- 4 teaspoons of oat flakes should be cooked with milk in a small pot (keep on fire until boiling). The mask should have a consistency of thick mash that we apply to face and leave for 15-20 minutes.

3. Mask of curd cheese and honey (for dry skin)
Two teaspoons of honey should be slightly warmed and mixed with curd (about 100 grams). After 20-30 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

As you can see, there is nothing simpler! So let's try J

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi. Recently, on the TV I heard a talk about new chances of detecting certain cancers. The interviewers were wondering whether blood tests could help in the detection of cancer.

Morphology is one of the most basic and most frequently performed tests. According to researchers at the University of California at San Diego, this simple test can detect the cancer and determine where the tumor cells grow. Many cancers, especially in the advanced stage, cause anemia. For example macrocythemic anemia can signal gastric cancer.

 It turned out that in every cancer patient not only cancer cells circulate in blood, but also in this blood circulates ‘cell-free DNA’ that comes from cancer cells. This free DNA is different from the DNA from healthy cells. However, the possibility of its detection is greater with the increasing number of these cells. So, it complicates the situation because it indicates an advanced stage of the disease. It is very hard to detect cancer when these cells are scarce. 

 This is probably a step forward, but unfortunately, we can not call this a breakthrough. I hope it will come soon.